Case Results

Conspiracy, Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine – Not Guilty (PDF file) MORE
US District Court Case Dismisssed  MORE
Cross Examination by Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney. (People v. Z.) Verdict: Not Guilty MORE
Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Gets Drug Case Overturned MORE
llegal Police Search: Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Wins Motion to Suppress Evidence (People v. V) MORE
Federal Drug Crimes Update Client Facing 40 Years Gets 4 Months Instead MORE
Pissetzky Saves Defendant from DUI Charges. ( State of Illinois V. AT) Verdict: Not Guilty MORE
Federal Drug Conspiracy Case: Pissetzky Pressures Government to Trial Federal Drug Conspiracy Case (USA v. JDB) MORE
Pissetzky Gains Not Guilty Verdict on Open Alcohol in a Car. ( State of Illinois V. AD) Not Guilty Verdict MORE
Pissetzky Saves Defendant from Crack-Cocaine Drug Conspiracy and Other Drug Charges. (USA v. SO) MORE
Wrongfully Accused of Murder and Attempted Murder. Verdict: Not Guilty MORE
Pissetzky Gains Dramatically Reduced Federal Sentence on Defendant after Vigorous Negotiation. (USA v. PT) Reduced Sentence MORE
Pissetzky Saves Defendant from Forfeture of Large Sum Seized by Chicago Police (People v. Money Forfeiture) MORE
Pissetzky Gains Motion to Suppress and Quash Evidence in Drug Bust. ( People v. JJ) Defendant Wins! MORE
Gal Pissetzky Gets Federal Drug Case Dismissed After Cross Examination of DEA Agents. (USA v LG) Defendant Wins! MORE
Gal Pissetzky Gains Not Guilty Verdict on Tough Drug Case. (People v. CC) Not Guilty Verdict MORE
Mr. Pissetzky wins a motion to suppress and forces the prosecution to dismiss their case against his client. (People v. GV) MORE
Gal Pissetzky Proves Innocence of Client on Child Pornography, Criminal Sexual Abuse and Criminal Sexual Assault Case. (People v. AB) MORE
Mr. Pissetzky was able to demonstrate that client was not part of Heroin conspiracy (USA v. DA) MORE
Jury returns a Not Guilty verdict in 15 min. for client accused of aggravated battery to a police officer (People v. CR) MORE
Mr. Pissetzky convinced the judge that the state did not prove Cocaine case beyond a reasonable doubt (People v. JB) MORE
Jury returns Not Guilty verdict on predatory criminal sexual assault case (People v. AH) MORE
Mr. Pissetzky wins an appeal (State of Illinois v. G) MORE
People v. LG – Not Guilty of a Class X felony Possession with intent to deliver marijuana and cocaine. MORE
People v. MG - Judge suppress 28 pounds of Heroin after Mr. Pissetzky filed and litigated a Motion to Quash and Suppress. MORE
People v. RMM - NOT GUILTY after a bench trial. RMM was charged with possession with intent to deliver 6.5lb of marijuana MORE
People v. RZ - NOT GUILTY after a jury trial in DuPage County, IL. RZ was charged with possession of cocaine that the Lombard police found in the home he owns inside a bedroom. MORE
People v. KS - NOT GUILTY. KS was charged with possession with intent to sell a backpack full of marijuana. MORE
People v. EV - EV was arrested by a task force of DEA Agents and Cook County Sheriff Police for possession of a gun MORE
People v. BR - NOT GUILTY verdict by a jury. BR was charged with Marijuana Trafficking over 1100LB. MORE
People v. EV - EV was arrested by a task force of DEA Agents and Cook County Sheriff Police for possession of a gun MORE

Criminal Law

Our determined Chicago area criminal defense attorney Gal Pissetzky strives to build a solid defense effort by collaborating with highly knowledgeable experts in experts in forensic science, firearms, toxicology, hand writing, computers, accounting, insurance operations, computer technology, and any other applicable disciplines. We will build a theory of defense based on the applicable facts as applied to the law, while continuing to protect your constitutional rights.

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Real Estate Law

The knowledgeable Illinois real estate attorney can advise you throughout the course of your real estate transaction or investment. Pissetzky & Berliner represents clients involved in residential purchases and sales, including short sale transactions. We also regularly assist commercial real estate investors and developers with contract negotiation and preparation, business structure and formation issues with consideration to risk management and favorable tax consequences, and leasing issues.

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Divorce & Family Law

Our skilled and compassionate Chicago Divorce and Family Law Attorneys have vast experience helping clients through this complicated and difficult time.

If you or someone you care about is considering divorce contact the knowledgeable Divorce and Family Law attorneys at Pissetzky & Berliner, LLC.

Watch for our new Divorce and Family Law page coming soon.

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We provide a strong and aggessive defense

In Illinois, prosecutors have earned a reputation for persistence and toughness. With the vast resources of the government behind them, they have at their disposal a large number of investigative, financial, and forensic resources to obtain convictions.

At the Chicago Law Firm of Pissetzky & Berliner, LLC, we have successfully represented several clients accused of serious federal and state felonies, including homicide & murder, assault & battery, sex crimes, gun charges, drug crimes, forfeiture, conspiracy charges, white collar crimes and RICO crimes. We preserve the rights and the freedom of our clients by providing a strong and aggressive defense.

The experienced real estate lawyers at Pissetzky & Berliner, LLC have assisted numerous real estate developers, construction contractors, and other real estate professionals. We provide expert representation to clients in Chicago and suburbs. Contact Pissetzky & Berliner, LLC to talk to an experienced attorney.

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